Resting and functional electromyograms(EMGs)

8 Muscle Electromyography


  •   Swallow
  •   Resting Muscle Levels
  •   Clench
  •   Muscle Recruitment / TScan


  •   Highest Noise Rejection Guaranteed >129db
  •   Highest Signal Resolution Guaranteed > 5,000Hz
  •   Longest Recording Time Guaranteed 3 minutes

How does EMG Work?

Self adhesive electrodes are placed over each muscle to be measured along the lines of each muscle fiber.

Why do we need EMG?

Resting level and clenching balance helps the restorative clinician determine the proper Vertical, Lateral, and A/P position of the mandible to optimize neuromuscular balance in the stomatognathic system

Functional Assessment of Clench

EMG will show you the Symmetry, Synergy, Timing and Force of Muscle activity during function.

Symmetry = Muscle pairs working in unison

Synergy = Force balance between synergistic   muscle pairs